Navigating the Money Maze

Starting and sustaining a business has a myriad of components that are critical to its success. Along with a well-developed business plan (“I Create” Program) establishing a strong financial infrastructure and knowing how to effectively manage it is essential and often times the Achilles heel of new business owners.

Together we will:

  • Learn financial basics to get you started and keep you on your profit target
  • Understand how to manage financial risks through all 4 stages of the business life cycle
  • Understand the key financial indicators and what Investors want to know
  • Learn how to effectively raise the right type of capital for your business 
  • Develop financial strategies that sustain the critical areas of your business

What's in store?

  • 4 - 60-min sessions 
  • Tutorial of a recommended start-up financial tool
  • Review of all financial reports to ensure alignment with strategies and goals
  • Support in developing the financial portion of your investor pitch