"I Evolve"

You’re a savvy businesswoman who is juggling a career, family life, and much more. You’ve encountered moments of being overwhelmed and can’t believe your multi-tasking skills are continually being challenged. You want to raise the bar when it comes to impactful communicating and negotiating, building unwavering confidence in any situation, keeping focused and productive and fine-tuning your business savvy.  

The “I Evolve” program has been developed with all this in mind. We will create a personalized roadmap that will optimize the talents your already possess and build your special toolbox of skills.  

Together we will:

  • Decode and understand the impact of past and present behavioral patterns

  • Take command of your fears and identify the obstacles that have held you back

  • Develop higher levels of confidence and influence

  • Evolve your personal brand and learn how to optimize it

What's in store?

  • 6 sessions over 4-6 months of personalized real world coaching

  • 75 dig-deep minutes per session (in person only)

  • Breakthrough follow-ups (email and phone check-ins with Cheryl)