"I Create"

You have started your business but feel overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list and are drowning in the chaos. You are stuck on how to improve your marketing and sales strategies and your finances are getting depleted. The “I Create” program will be your guide to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

We take a holistic approach to your business from developing an effective Business plan to preparing you to solicit funding and pitching to investors. We will help you navigate through the madness, problem solve, and establish milestones for flawless execution.

Together we will:

  • Create and optimize a new or existing business plan that drives profits

  • Problem solve critical operating issues

  • Develop managerial and leadership skills that will influence and inspire your team

  • Strategize a highly effective Marketing & Sales Roadmap

  • Create a Business Model that can be seamlessly executed

What's in store?

  • 8 sessions over 3-4 months of results-driven business coaching

  • 75 problem solving minutes per session (in person or virtual)

  • Critical milestone follow-ups (email and phone check-ins with Cheryl)